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CRDHB Research

The research programme of CRDHB includes:

Epidemiology of drug-related health harm

  • Blood borne viruses associated with injecting drug use (HIV, HCV, HBV)
  • Bacterial infections and other harms associated with injecting drug use
  • Prevalence estimation of problem drug use, and the development and demonstration of indirect estimation techniques
  • Public health surveillance of drug related harms nationally and internationally
  • Monitoring global indicators of drug injecting and health harm
  • Modelling HCV and HIV transmission and prevention impact
  • Observational epidemiology of the aetiology of drug use harms

Social research on drug use and health behaviour

  • Risk perception and risk management of problem drug use
  • Risk environment and social/structural risk factors
  • Qualitative and ethnographic research

Public health intervention research

  • Evaluation of drug service innovation and complex intervention
  • HIV prevention research in the context of international development
  • Rapid assessment methods