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2003 Publications

  • Barham, L., Bramley-Harker, E., Hickman M., Hough, M., Turnbull, P. J. Sizing the Market for Powder Cocaine - is a New Approach Needed? The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 2003; 42, 366-73.
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  • Borrill, J., Burnett, R., Atkin, R., Miller, S., Briggs, D., Weaver, T., Maden A. Patterns of self-harm and attempted suicide among white and black/mixed race female prisoners. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health 2003; 13, 229-40.
  • Crawford, M., Aldridge, T., Bhui, K., Rutter, D., Manley, C., Weaver, T. User involvement in the planning and delivery of mental health services: a cross-sectional survey of service users and providers. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 2003; 107, 410-4.
  • Fitch, C, Stimson, G.V,, Jones, S, Hickman, M, Muscat, I, Gafoor, M. Responding to drug use in Jersey: findings and outcomes from a multi-method rapid assessment. Drugs Education Prevention and Policy 2003; 79, 49-55
  • Fitch C, Rhodes T, Hope VD, Stimson GV, Renton A The role of rapid assessment methods in drug use epidemiology Bulletin on Narcotics 2003; LIV 61-72.
  • Foss A., Vickerman P., Watts C., Heise L. Shifts in condom use following microbicide introduction: Should we be concerned? AIDS 2003; 17: 1227-1237.
  • Grassly N. C., Lowndes C. M., Rhodes T., Judd A., Renton A., Garnett G. P. Modelling emerging HIV epidemics: the role of injecting drug use and sexual transmission in the Russian Federation, China and India. The International Journal of Drug Policy 2003; 14, 25-43.
  • Hickman, M., Carnwath, Z., Madden, P., Farrell, M., Rooney, R., Ashcroft, R., Judd, A., Stimson, G. Drug related mortality and fatal overdose risk: pilot cohort study of heroin users recruited from specialist drug treatment sites in London. Journal of Urban Health, 2003; 90, 274-287
  • Hickman, M., Madden, P., Henry, J. A., Baker, A., Wallace, B. C., Wakefield, J., Stimson, G. V., Elliott, P. Trends in drug overdose deaths in England and Wales 1993-98: methadone does not kill more people than heroin. Addiction 2003; 98, 419-25.
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  • Kimber, J., MacDonald, M., van Beek, I., Kaldor, J., Weatherburn, D., Lapsley, H. Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre: client characteristics and predictors of frequent attendance in the first 12 months of operation. Journal of Drug Dependence 2003; 33, 639-49.
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