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2002 Publications

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  • Boily, M.-C., Lowndes, C. M., Alary, M. The impact of HIV epidemic phases on the effectiveness of core group interventions: insights from mathematical models. Sexually Transmitted Infections 2002; 78, 78-90.
  • Bonell C The politics of the research-policy interface: randomised trials and the commissioning of HIV prevention services. Sociology of Health & Illness 2002; 24: 385-408.
  • Bonell C The utility of randomized controlled trials of social interventions: an examination of two trials of HIV prevention. Critical Public Health 2002; 12: 321-334.
  • Bonell C, Hilton MJ. Consumerism in health care: the case of a voluntary sector HIV prevention organization. Voluntas International Journal of Voluntary and Non-profit Organisations 2002; 13: 27-46.
  • Crawford, M., Weaver, T., Rutter, D., Sensky, T., Tyrer, P. Evaluating new treatments in Psychiatry: The potential value of combining qualitative and quantitative research methods. International Review of Psychiatry 2002; 14: 6-11.
  • Crawford, M., Rutter, D., Manley, C., Weaver, T., Bhui, K., Fulop, N., Tyrer, P. Systematic review of involving patients in the planning and development of health care. British Medical Journal, 2002; 325, 1263-5.
  • Cusick, L. Youth Prostitution: A Literature Review. Child Abuse Review 2002; 11, 230-51.
  • Davis, M., Hart, G., Imrie, J., Davidson, O., Williams, I., Stephenson J. "HIV is HIV to me": the meanings of treatment, viral load and reinfection for gay men living with HIV. Health, Risk and Society 2002; 4, 31-43.
  • Deehan A, McCambridge J, Ball D, Strang J. Increasing practice nurse access to alcohol training. Drug & Alcohol Review 2002 21: 281-286.
  • Fischer, B., Rehm, J., Kirst, M., Casas, M., Hall, W., Krausz, M., Metrebian, N., Reggers, J, Suchtenhagen, A., van den Brink, W., van Ree ,J. Heroin-assisted treatment as a response to the public health problem of opiate dependence. European Journal of Public Health 2002; 12, 228-34.
  • Frischer M., Anderson S., Hickman M., Heatlie H. Diffusion of drug misuse in Scotland findings from the 1993 and 1996 Scottish Crime Surveys. Addiction Research and Theory 2002; 10, 83-95.
  • Hall, W., Kimber, J., and Mattick, R. P. Breaking the deadlock over an Australian trial of injectable opioid maintenance. Medical Journal of Australia 2002; 176: 72-73.
  • Harrison-Read P., Lucas B., Tyrer P., Ray J., Shipley K., Simmonds S., Knapp M., Lowin A., Patel ., Hickman M. Heavy Users of Acute Psychiatric Beds: randomised controlled trial of additional assertive outreach treatment in an outer London borough. Psychological medicine 2002; 32, 403-16.
  • Hickman, M., Seaman S., De Angelis D. Estimating the relative incidence of heroin use: application of a method for adjusting observed reports of first visits to specialized drug treatment agencies. American Journal of Epidemiology 2002; 153, 632-41.
  • Hope, V. D., Rogers, P. A., Jordan, L., Paine, T., Barnett, S., Parry, J., Gill, N. Sustained increase in the sharing of needles and syringes among drug users in England and Wales. AIDS 2002; 16, 2494-2496.
  • Jones, J. A., Salmon, J. E., Djuretic, T., Nichols, G., George, R. C., Gill, N., Brazier, J. S., Brett, M., Duerden, B., Fry, N., Hall, V., Hope, V. D., Lieftucht, A., McLauchlin, J., Pitcher, G., Weild, A. An outbreak of serious illness and death among injecting drug users in England during 2000. Journal of Medical Microbiology 2002; 51, 978-84.
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  • Oelemann, W. M., Lowndes, C. M., Verissimo Da Costa, G. C., Morgado, M. G., Castello-Branco, L. R., Grinsztejn, B., Alary, M., Bastos, F. Diagnostic Detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Antibodies in Urine: a Brazilian Study. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2002; 40, 881-5.
  • Parsons, J., Hickman, M., Turnbull, P., McSweeney, T., Stimson, G. V., Judd, A., Roberts K. Over a decade of syringe exchange: results from 1997 UK survey. Addiction 2002; 97, 845-50.
  • Rhodes, T. The 'risk environment': a framework for understanding and reducing drug-related harm. International Journal of Drug Policy 2002; 13, 85-94.
  • Rhodes, T., Cusick, L. Accounting for unprotected sex: stories of agency and acceptability. Social Science and Medicine 2002; 55, 211-26.
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