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CRDHB PhD Students

The following PhD students are currently studying withing the CRDHB.
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Daniel Briggs
Supervisor: Tim Rhodes

Name: The socio-situational and strucutural factors which shape crack use, its health effects, and facilitate or deter crack users from accessing drug support services in connection with their crack use.

Start date: 2006
Annik Sorhaindo
Supervisors: Chris Bonell

Name: The transition to secondary school and younger girls' health behaviours: social capital as a source of support and risk

Start date: 2007

About: My PhD study will explore how younger girls' social relationships, expectations for the future and health-related attitudes and behaviours are affected by transition to secondary school; and how an intervention to improve school ethos might influence these factors. Social capital theories will be considered for understanding these processes.
Sarah Bernays
Supervisors: Tim Rhodes

Name: Treating HIV in Serbia: a qualitative, prospective study exploring health and hope in a transitional setting.

Start date: 2007

About: This PhD explores through qualitative methods the experiences of people living with HIV with a particular focus on the influence of insecure treatment delivery on quality of life, identity and community activism
Nadine Ezard
Supervisor: Tim Rhodes

Name: Substance Use Among Displaced Populations in Areas of Conflict

Start date: 2007
Landon Kuester
Supervisors: Tim Rhodes, Adam Fletcher

Name: Medical Power in The American Prison: Negotiating HIV-positive subjects

Start date: 2007

About: My doctoral research focuses on the contemporary era of American corrections; a modern system defined by an assemblage of industries and institutions for the purpose of discipline, punishment, capitalisation on and the rehabilitation of social deviants. Through ethnography, I explore the journey, negotiation of identity, and discourse of power surrounding HIV-positive inmates as they travel through the correctional system and back into the public community.
Milena Simic
Supervisors: Vivian Hope, Matthew Hickman

Name: Second generation HIV surveillance and prevalence estimation among injecting drug users in Serbia and Montenegro

Start date: 2007