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International Journal of Drug Policy

The Editorial Office of the International Journal of Drug Policy (IJDP) is based at CRDHB. Editors in Chief are Gerry Stimson and Tim Rhodes.

IJDP, the official journal of the International Harm Reduction Association provides a forum for the dissemination of current research, reviews, debate, and critical analysis on drug use and drug policy in a global context. It seeks to publish material on the social, political, legal, and health contexts of psychoactive substance use, both licit and illicit.

The journal is particularly concerned to explore the effects of drug policy and practice on drug-using behaviour and its health and social consequences. It is the policy of the journal to represent a wide range of material on drug-related matters from around the world.

The International Journal of Drug Policy has a Thompson ISI Impact Factor of 2.5, and is ranked fourth of all addiction journals in the social science category.

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